Increase Crop Production --- Strengthen Root Growth --- Increase The Satisfiability Of Chlorophyll --- Promote Nutrients Absorption --- Improve Quality Of Plants --- Increase Crop Natural Resistance --- Improve Soil Structure --- Improve Soil Water Holding Capacity --- To Adapt To Different pH Value In Soil"/>



Benefits of XXL Bio Soil Enhancer

Increase Crop Production

XXL Bio Soil Enhancer will improve the root growth, increase the leaf growth range per unit area of agricultural land and enhance agricultural production.  

Strengthen Root Growth

The common phenomenon of the application of XXL Bio Enhancer is that all the crop roots record natural growth. The length, density and surrounding of the roots have recorded significant increases. The vitality of plant roots is important for nutrients absorption and disease resistance. Apart from that, it will also help in stabilizing the plants. Wide roots system will also help plants absorb nutrients and water more easily.  

Increase The Satisfiability Of Chlorophyll

XXL Bio Soil Enhancer will increase chlorophyll satisfiability and can prevent or rectify the chlorosis disease in plants  

Promote Nutrients Absorption

XXL Bio Soil Enhancer will help in the absorption of nitrogen, phosphorous and iron and many other trace elements. The interaction of the nutrients between these compounds will convert into a manner which can be directly absorbed by plants.  

Improve Quality Of Plants

XXL Bio Soil Enhancer can improve crop nutritional value and fruit appearance, in order to improve the quality of vegetables and fruits. The use of XXL Bio Enhancer into cereal crops and paddy can produce a more balanced amino acid, higher protein content agricultural products.  

Increase Crop Natural Resistance

The biologically active characteristics of XXL Bio Enhancer can enhance the plants’ natural resistance against toxins and disease. The interaction of XXL Bio Enhancer with many toxic elements has the effect of neutralizing the toxics and even causes the toxics to become non-toxic after being used. The plants becomes healthier and more capable in absorbing all the necessary nutrients, increased resistance level against diseases and pests.  

Improve Soil Structure

The humus and clay minerals in XXL Bio Soil Enhancer when combined will form a new structure called aggregation. It can improve soil stability and enhances soil water infiltration and gas exchange capacity. In addition, some bacteria and earthworms will rely on humus in the soil to survive; the addition of XXL Bio Enhancer into soil will better maintain improvement of soil structure. The application of XXL Bio Enhancer into soil can prevent soil cracking. As natural organic substance is not water soluble, soil which contains high humic acid is less likely to have water erosion problems.  

Improve Soil Water Holding Capacity

XXL Bio Enhancer can hold water which is equivalent to 20 times its own weight. It can enhance the ability of soil to hold water and thus reduces crop dependency on water irrigation. This is crucial on the sandy soil which require a high degree of drought resistance.  

To Adapt To Different pH Value In Soil

The chemical interactions between the humic acid of XXL Bio Enhancer and the soil will enable the plant to better adapt to the wide range of different soil pH values.