XXL Bio Fuel Enhancer

XXL Bio Fuel Enhancer is the world’s first and only 100% bio-natural liquid enhancer that when added to petrol and diesel fuels in a fractional quantity, it enhances the actual fuel molecule itself to enable a highly clean and efficient combustion which reduces total emissions by an averange of 50% while reducing fuel usage and improving performance.

XXL Bio Fuel Enhancer is derived 100% from activated palm oil through latest breakthrough technology.

It is classified as non-flammable, non-hazardous and is fully biodegradable.


XXL Bio Soil Enhancer

XXL Bio Soil Enhancer is a newly formulated organic and biological soil conditioner which is added to soil to improve the soil’s physical qualities, especially its ability to provide nutrition for plants.

The minerals and trace elements in XXL Bio Soil Enhancer can be comprehensively used and absorbed by plants through a natural and complicated chelation process in the soil.

It is suitable to be used with any type of soil to improve soil physical characteristics, soil aggregate structure, and reduce soil compactness.


XXL Alkaline Energy Water

Drinking XX Alkaline Energy Water daily works to balance the pH of your body and restores your body to a more alkaline state, where disease and sickness cannot thrive in.

XXL Energy Water can helps you to boost your metabolism, improve mental edge, restore body moisture and improve various skin conditions

No power needed to operate XXL and can withstand boiling environment while maintaining its alkaline state


XXL Bio Jet Enhancer

XXL Jet Enhancer Plus is a newly developed green energy enhancer. XXL Jet Enhancer Plus can be used with any type of combustion engine that burns any kind of hydrocarbon fuel (petrol, diesel, medium and heavy fuel oils, etc).

Suitable for combustion engine that required perfect combustion power.

25ml of XXL JET ENHANCER PLUS will enhance the quality of roughly 1 litre of lubricant (25ml for 1 litre of lubricant).


XXL Bio Livestock

XXL Bio Livestock Enhancer is an organic enhancer for used in livestock industry to hasten breed development for improved animal health and welfare, enhanced reproduction, and improved nutritional quality and safety of animal-derived foods.

The minerals and trace elements in XXL Bio Livestock Enhancer can be comprehensively used and absorbed by any livestock.

1g of XXL BIO ENERGY LIVESTOCK dissolves into 1 litre of water. (1:1000)