How Does XXL Bio Soil Enhancer Work?

Hardened & Damaged Soil Caused By Using NPK And Chemical Fertilizer

In order to meet the production expectations and demand for crop growth, modern farming methods have resorted substantially to the use of materials such as NPK mineral fertilizers and trace elements. Though these substances could, on a short term basis, help increase agricultural output. However, on the long term basis, it will damage the soil and environment by using such chemical mineral fertilizers which has been completely ignored and slighted.

XXL Main Components: Humus & Trace Elements Made From Millions Years Of Highly Compressed Organic Humus.

  By applying the natural XXL Bio Soil Enhancer into the soil, it will help promote microbial activity as well as increasing the humus content in soil and practically strengthening the ability to absorb the mineral nutrients more efficiently.

By Applying XXL Bio Soil Enhancer As Organic Soil Conditioner, Damaged Soil Became Productive Soil.

  When XXL Bio Soil Enhancer is added to soil as an organic soil conditioner, it could improves soil’s physical properties, such as water retention, permeability, water infiltration, drainage, aeration and structure. The goal is to provide a better environment for roots.

When Plants Have Larger & Longer Roots, They Grow Better & Healthier.

  Therefore, by applying the mixture of XXL Bio Enhancer and mineral nutrients into farm land, will on the one hand increase its organic content, and on the other hand ensure effective absorption of the NPK mineral fertilizers by the crop which will assist in its growth.

XXL Enhances The Effectiveness Of Fertiliser & Save Cost In The Long Run.