XXL Bio Enhancer


How Does It Work?

Our revolutionary refining and activation process enables the creation of very tiny molecules. Fuel Cracking Process is where heavy hydrocarbons in crude oil are converted to simpler molecules, or shorter hydrocarbons, by the breaking of the carbon and hydrogen bonds…. and became XXL Enhanced Fossil Fuel. Fuel mixed with XXL produces smaller size of CxHy molecules, and thus resulted in better air-fuel ratio (O2-CxHy), which will provide better combustion efficiency in the combustion chamber. Better combustion efficiency produces less harmful emissions, lower engine temperature and will enhance engine life span. Nano-molecules that can crack and reform hydrocarbon molecules in fossil fuels into high quality and powerful fuel molecules which contain vast amount of energy and oxygen. In other words, XXL Bio Fuel Enhancer shortens fuel molecule chains to make fuel finer for more enhanced combustion ability. Even though without industrial lubricant (chemical), XXL improves fuel lubrication with it’s natural fatty acid . And also acts as fuel detergent to helps reducing friction between chamber and piston, and thus reducing engine temperature and prolonging engine life.