Product Overview

fuel03-620 XXL Bio Fuel Enhancer is the world’s first and only 100% natural and organic biological liquid enhancer that when added to petrol and diesel fuels in a fractional quantity, it enhances the actual fuel molecule itself to enable a highly clean and efficient combustion which reduces total emissions by an averange of 50% while reducing fuel usage and improving performance. Our revolutionary refining and activation processes enable the creation of XXL nano-molecules that can crack and reform hydrocarbon molecules in fossil fuels into high quality, powerful fuel molecules that contain vast amounts of energy and oxygen. XXL can be used with any type of combustion engine that burns any kind of hydrocarbon fuel (petrol, diesel, medium and heavy fuel oils, etc.). A drop of XXL will enhance the quality of roughly 1 litre of fuel (1:1000 for petrol, and 1:800 for diesel).